The Pyralis Series by Brandy L Cunningham



For Valkyrie Walker, Halloween had never been an ordinary day. It was her birthday and a day that held great importance in her life. The year she turned eighteen, she would realize just how important that day truly was, both to her past, and her future.

When a handful of strangers turn up at her town’s annual Halloween festival, Valkyrie is struck with a feeling of foreboding. The appearance of these men will bring forth destruction and death for Valkyrie and the people she loves.

But Valkyrie is not an ordinary girl.

Plummeted into a world of supernatural beings, it turns out that buried within her subconscious mind is the true Valkyrie Walker, the one who died four hundred years ago. As Valkyrie’s human soul slowly converges with her other self, she finds her body and her appetite changing. Caught in a love triangle with two of the most alluring and sexy men she has ever encountered does little to quiet the darkness growing inside of her. With an age-old prophecy about darkness descending on earth, Valkyrie must choose. Either she fights to save earth and humans, or she succumbs to the dark desires within her.

Can she keep the fires of her soul contained long enough to pick a side, and a man, or will she choose darkness and let them all burn?

Excerpt from Book 1 Becoming Valkyrie

Power flooded through my body as well as my veins. I was aware of the fiery orange color coursing through my arms once again. Staring at them, I watched in fascination as the orange liquid flowed endlessly. My jaw felt abnormal as my fangs descended. I could feel them rest against my bottom lip, and my eyesight sharpened. I could sense movement within the dark, quiet forest.

I felt wild, free, and alive. Hunger coursed through my veins, but I realized it was not ordinary hunger, and much of it was not familiar to me. I knew some of the desire I felt pertained to blood, but there was more to it than that. There was something else I needed, wanted with a desperation. Hearing the Wolves in the distance, I knew what they were doing. They hunted. I would hunt too.



All around her, the world is descending into madness and chaos. Valkyrie is running out of time to stop the prophecies from being fulfilled, but even as she struggles to fight off the monsters of hell, she is faced with a truth she can’t deny. Inside of her lurks another kind of darkness, one that has grabbed hold of her soul. Her biggest fear is losing the battle she wages-not on Earth-but inside of herself.

The others believe in her, they are relying on her to end the reign of darkness which has gripped their world, but Valkyrie finds herself divided.

What is she really? Good or bad?

Her heart and soul yearn for the one she lost, and the other side of her is growing stronger. Soon, she may not be able to hold it back.

Again and again, betrayal finds her until she doesn’t know if it’s worth trusting anyone, or even stopping the evil that spreads.

With her heart and soul divided, Valkyrie faces some of the most difficult decisions she has faced yet. Will one moment of weakness cost Valkyrie her soul? Will the cost of saving those she cares for be too high, or will she make the ultimate sacrifice?

Excerpt from Pyralis Book 2 Valkyrie Divided

Five women were strung up by chains in the deep wide cavern I had stepped into. Suspended from the roof of the cavern which was strewn with stalactites, the women hung naked. Their ankles and wrists pulled in a spread eagle stance as the chains held them tightly. Blood ran down their bodies, and pooled beneath their feet. For a moment, I was afraid they were dead. The sight brought forth the monster in me as overpowering emotions washed through me.

I may have had a dark side, but even it didn’t like what it saw. Blinking in my state of shock, I lost control of my battle. Actually, I let go of it. At that moment, seeing those women hanging there like rag dolls, bruised and battered, the darkness was all I wanted. As it took over my body, my bones began to crunch and shift as the reaper within me emerged. My large skeletal and shredded wings rose behind me, casting their deathly shadow into the dimly lit chamber before me.


Author Bio for Brandy L Cunningham


I live in California with my husband and my two children. I have an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science and I work as a Veterinary Technician. I have been writing since my childhood, but only began publishing in the year 2017. I currently have eight published novels: Country Romance, Paranormal Romance, and YA.

Besides writing and reading, I enjoy riding my horses, caring for my numerous animals, painting, and being outdoors. I love spending time with my family, and often gain inspiration from my seven-year-old daughter and three-year-old son!


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