Did you know…

that my blog has a newsletter that goes out with special book news!!  I try to do a newsletter once a month.  Sometimes if there is something really special I’ll sneak one in for a cover reveal – like the one for tomorrow.  I’m super excited about that one.

I’ll give you a round up of what books I read for the month, author interviews, new books to look forward too for the next month, giveaways if any are happening and author events if I know of any.   If there is an author you’d like me to interview please let me know.  I’ll be happy to reach out.  You are an author and want to chat, of course, send me an email.  I’m going to try and highlight a blogger once a month too.  Basically, I’m going to try and get around to everything I possibly can.

Interviews with;


PR companies

Graphic Designers


Swag makers

Anything else??


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