Once Upon A Christmas by Christina George

6 Feet Under Books

4 Stars


What a sweet Christmas book.

Stevie is returning home to a small town, just for a while. Her mom is sick and her dad is taking her out west to recoup. She’ll be tending the family bookstore. The only catch, Cal, the guy her dad hired to help. She’s unprepared for him and the feelings he gives her. Her boyfriend from NYC is a loose end that needs cut off, but Stevie isn’t sure she is ready to do that. With the bookstore flourishing under her and Cal’s capable hands, things heat up between Cal & Stevie. Just when things are good the ex shows up, to dose them with cold water. Will this be enough to dose the flames of passion?

Cal is a loner, he is unprepared for Stevie and all the spirit she brings out in him. She’s like a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t matter because he’ll be leaving soon, he never stays long enough to make it matter. Just in and out, then move on. No connections, no nothing. Pick up and go mentality. Yet when he sees Stevie with Gable, her ex-boyfriend, Cal grows jealous of them. He can’t stay. He can’t break her heart. Yet, he can’t go either. Can Cal have a happily ever after? Or is his life doomed to be alone?

This is a Hallmark Channel moving in the making! OMG! I’d love to see this. It is such a sweet romance. I cried at one part, smiled at another, I had the gambit of emotions on this one. It plucked at my heartstrings. I was rooting for them. The characters were relatable and likable. Stevie and I would be BFF’s, she runs a bookstore! Hence she is amazing.

There were grammar issues, missing words. YIKES. But all in all, it was a good book, with a happy touch. Great for a Christmas Eve read!


© 2018, Amy Garnet, All Rights Reserved

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