Book Rut

Right now I’m in a book funk.  I’ve read some books, but nothing seems to grab me and hold my attention.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m busy at work and can’t seem to relax/focus when I get home or if I’m picking up the wrong books to read?  I’m going to blame the initial issue of being busy.

I sat the current book I’m reading down because I’m not in the right mindset.  I keep trying and I feel like I’m forcing myself to do something, which makes it even harder.

Is this what authors feel like when they go thru writers’ block?  Do I have readers block?  Is there such a thing?  And maybe I’m putting to much pressure on myself since I have a lot of books to read and review for authors before the year is out.  I’m grasping at straws because I’ve never had this issue before for so long.   A day or two here or there, but never for this long.  I’ll pick up a book, read a chapter or two and put it down.

Anyone have any suggestions?  Maybe I should just take a break and let reading come back to me.

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