ANNA: The Story Behind the Star by AK Arlington

Growing up in Des Moines, Iowa, Anna knew from a very early age that she wanted to be an actress. No, not just an actress – a star. And a star she became. N


ow, in her own words, and in intimate detail, Anna tells us how she made that happen, and about the men she encountered along the way. Each relationship, whether it lasted for a year, a month, or a single night, had a purpose. Each encounter was by her choice and, often literally, on her terms.

Like show business itself, ANNA: The Story Behind the Star isn’t for the faint of heart. In the telling of Anna’s story, there are frank depictions of adult sexuality. All tastefully done (of course), and with a healthy dose of humor. Ultimately, it’s about a woman who sets her mind on a goal and will stop at nothing to achieve it.



6 Feet Under Books


3 stars
This book took me longer to read than it should have.  It’s simply written, not complicated.  However, I couldn’t connect with Anna.
Anna is a small town girl who gets bit by the acting bug.  She leaves home for the city of Chicago, to follow her dream and a guy.  She doesn’t admit it’s for the guy, in her mind, it’s only to further her acting career.  For a while, she lands nothing.   Then she gets in good with some friends who introduce her around, where she sleeps with people for rolls.  Basically, the story is about Anna sleeping with people for better rolls.  She didn’t rely on her talents, wait maybe she did.
Then she lands a role for a movie and there is a nude scene, which she is all up in arms about.  Really at this point, should you be?  Anna slept her way to this position.  At this point how much integrity does she have left?
This could be anyone’s story.  Thousands of women do this every day, I should be surprised but I’m not.  Anna mistook sex for power.  She thought by sleeping with men she held the power.  No.   It was plain and simple – quid pro quo.  She sucked his dick, he gave her a part in his next play.  There was no power in that.
The style of writing was ok.  The little blurbs about things in the story, I skimmed those, they really didn’t add anything to the book.  Anna herself was insecure and always wanted the applause and appreciation of other people.   I thought it was funny that when she moves out and for a long time she doesn’t speak to her mom and then she does and her mom wants her to come home.  WTH?  Is she not emailing/texting/something her mom?  In all these years?
What did I like about the book?  Good question.  I learned about the theater industry.  Parts in the plays, backstage, etc.  That was neat.  The fact that Anna did reach her goal was good.  The road to success is never easy, but it’s what you make of it.

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