Redeemed My Soul by Terri Brooks

41558098Mason lost his parents when he was twelve years old. The day his mom died his entire world collapsed. They put Mason and his sisters into the foster system. Not only did Mason lose his mother he also lost his sisters and ended up in a group home by himself…



Mason still maintained a bond with his sisters. But his way of life wasn’t smooth. He lost all he ever knew in the blink of an eye.

As he became older Mason ended up homeless and on the streets. He turned to poisons to escape reality not thinking of the consequences.
The drugs owned his soul.

Mason was alone until Mason and Melody crossed paths. Mason and Melody connected the first moment they met. Melody is battling with addiction too.
At night time when he lies his head down to sleep, he wants so much more than life has given him. The problem is you have to work for it.

With Melody by his side, he now has dreams and wants things in life he never wanted before.

The two things their body craves are cocaine and each other. They realize they cannot proceed to live life this way.

Is love powerful enough to kick addiction?

Will, Melody, and Mason, overcome every obstacle life throws their way?

The drugs bring out the worse in them. Will the love they share be deep enough to survive?

* For a mature audience only. Detailed hot scenes not suggested for anybody under the age of eighteen.*



6 Feet Under Books

Mason and Melody are both junkies, this is their story. Their road to redemption.

No one wakes up one day and says, I want to be a drunk addict. Something pushes them to it. A bad day, feeling of loss, abandonment, etc. Mason lost his family when he was young and entered the foster system, where he aged out. From there it was a downward spiral for him until he met his muse, Melody. They used together and when the cops took Mason away for drug possession, that might be the end of their story, but it isn’t. Two years later they are reunited and it feels so good.
Sober and clean they start an epic journey. Will it have a happy ending? What happened in those 2 years Mason was in jail? What did Melody do? Can their love survive?

While it’s a good story of junkies getting clean, it needed help in the grammar department. It didn’t take away from the story, but there were a lot of things that could have been corrected. Fixing those up could only help.

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