Rescued by the Woodsman by Ms Parker

This is a huge mistake.

Not only flying in a tiny airplane over the Rockies in a storm but also making this move to Denver in the first place. To work a job that would make my boyfriend my new boss.

Defini37939194tely a mistake.

But not as big a mistake as living with my pretentious parents who want to control everything about my life.

Stella Best is relocating from New York to live with her boyfriend, Aaron McMann, in Denver. En route, however, a sudden storm causes the small propeller plane to crash, stranding her in the Rocky Mountains. Surviving the crash, Stella now faces the blistering cold, as well as wild animals who see her as easy prey.

But Stella is not the only person on the mountain. Rescued by Lukas, a brawny woodsman of few words, she must now share a small cabin with the scruffy, but handsome, man until the storm clears.

Will Lukas get Stella safely to Denver, and if he does, will she be able to forget the rugged woodsman who saved her life?

Don’t miss Rescued by the Woodsman, a new stand-alone romance from USA Today Bestselling Author, M. S. Parker.


6 Feet Under Books

3.5 Stars

Stella just graduated from college and now is embarking on a new life in a new city, with a new job, and her same old boyfriend. Only she doesn’t make it. Ends up in a plane crash meeting Lukas. While encamped with him, she learns a dirty secret. After being rescued she heads to her job, where she finds out the company has been bought out and her boyfriend is a jerk. The latter making the most impact on her. Lukas purchased the company she is working for and they are going on a retreat for team building! HOORAY!! There Lukas and Stella make their move. With his past will it last? What does Stella want?

He can’t just let her go. There is something about her. But he has so many secrets in his past that he isn’t sure what will happen between him and Stella. What happens when she learns about his dominance? That alone could scare her off. What about the rest, that lies just under his skin, itching to come out? What then? She’ll run from the hills. Or maybe she won’t because he’ll have to let her go before anything serious can develop between them.

I loved the BDSM part, where it fell apart for me, was all the complications that Lukas has created in his life. I’m not going to spoil it for you. Sweet baby Jesus, some of those scenes are amazing. Pure gold. But the rest of the story around it, is just ehh. I would have loved if Stella had lunch with Aunt Millie and told her what was going on with her and Aaron and her and Lukas, I’m sure Aunt Millie would have had some GREAT insight into the ‘problems’. But we never revisit her again.

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