Claimed & Mated by Delta James

Dream claimed

He tried to romance her, but now it is time for his mate to be claimed.

When Catherine Livingston travels to Italy to investigate her sister’s disappearance, it isn’t long before she crosses paths with the man who has been ravishing her almost every night in her dreams. More shocking still, the mysterious, darkly handsome stranger leaves her in no doubt that he is well aware of the connection between them and he has no intention of ignoring it.

Marco DeMedici seems to all but owns the city of Florence, and it soon becomes clear that he will not rest until Catherine belongs to him, even if it means carrying her off, stripping her bare, and spanking her until she is sobbing, obedient, and begging him to take her hard and thoroughly.

Despite Catherine’s efforts to run from him, her body’s response to Marco’s stern dominance cannot be denied, and when he reveals that he is an alpha shifter it only makes it more obvious that her world will never be the same. She will be his mate, and the only thing left up to her will be how loudly she screams his name as he claims her as roughly and shamefully as he pleases.


Here’s an excerpt from the book and a reason why I read the book –

She couldn’t repress her shiver  He made it all sound so easy … so normal … so right.

He moved directly behind her and maneuvered her lower body and spread her legs apart so that he could mount her.  She heard him unzip his fly and felt the hard head of his cock begin to probe between her legs seeking the entrance to her core.  

She felt him grasp her hips and hold her steady as he lined up his cock with her pussy and then thrust home.  She was surprised with her climatic response to his possession. One of his hands continued to hold her steady as he began to pump in and out of her.  The other he wrapped around her waist to support her as her knees began to buckle.

“Oh my God, Marco,” she said trying to catch her breath.

“My glorious mate; how sweetly you respond to me.”  

His rhythmic thrusting was strong and steady.  Catherine felt her pussy contracting around him as she enthusiastically made his cock welcome within her warm sheath.  She thought she’d never heard a sweeter sound than when Marco groaned and then growled in pure pleasure. Catherine used one hand to lean heavily against the wall.  With the other she brought his hand up to her breasts.

He chuckled as he began to rub her nipple between his thumb and finger causing her to gasp again. He moved his hand so that now his arm stretched across her torso and caught her other nipple between his fingers as he pinched and pulled her.  His other hand quit grasping her hip but slid across the lower half of her body to trap her more fully and to allow her even less movement as he pummeled her pussy with his cock.

“Brace yourself my Catherine, I mean to finish hard in you.”

She did as he ordered and felt herself open even further to him.  He rammed her with his cock over and over. She felt her pussy start to contract in orgasmic spasms.  But more than that, she could feel Marco reach his own finish and begin to pump her full of his seed. For the first time in her life, she understood what it was like to be taken by a man, what it felt to be used for her intended purpose, and more than that, what it felt like to be loved.

Loved?  Where had that thought come from.  He’d said nothing of love. But he growled low and long in her ear as he continued to pump his cum deep into her core.  She felt the warmth of his feeling embrace her completely.


6 Feet Under Books

2.5 Stars

First I have to say I wasn’t impressed with Catherine at all. She was rude, she was secretive and just annoying.

Catherine is taking a trip to Florence. We don’t find out the real reason until later in the book – almost like an afterthought. She pursued by Marco DeMedici, she wants none of it. Eventually falls victim to him and his ways. Her smart mouth keeps getting her in trouble. When he’s had enough he swats her bottom and shows her who is in control. She learns his secret, which doesn’t bother her at all. She just rolls with it. The sky is pink, baby – OK. About 65% in, she remembers why she is in Florence and what she still needs to do.

Marco finds his fated-mate Catherine. He will mold her into the perfect female pack leader. She will help him rule and have his babies. But first, he has to woo her into his bed and accepting everything that comes with him. He has secrets too!! She is everything he ever dreamed about. But he must make her submit to him. When he learns of her secret, he is all too willing to help.

I wish the story regarding Shannon was more prominent. Like they go on a hunt to find her together, travel all over Europe, have mind-blowing sex, find what they need and live happily ever after. I stopped caring @70%. Catherine was annoying me and they weren’t getting any answers.

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