How do you organize your books?

My books are NOT organized at all.  Shame on me!  I’ve never been good with organizing my books.  Wait, let me be totally honest.  I’m not really good at organizing anything.  YIKES!  Maybe my own blog post will help me?  Maybe!?!

You can organize my genre, author, color, series, alphabetical – so many different ways!

The first step would be to gather all your books into one area.  Then maybe purge – I’m sorry I said that I hate to get rid of any books.  But let’s be honest there are some books you didn’t enjoy and some books that aren’t yours!!  If you borrowed a book from me, please give it back!!  THANKS


This is harder than I thought.  To me, it would make sense to organize by the author.  But that’s me.  Find the system that works for you.  I do love a bookcase that is organized by the color of the books, that so appealing to look at.   But yet what if an author had a book in every color, you would have a book on different shelves and that would drive me nuts.  (I might have a touch of OCD.  Let’s keep that secret between us friends!!)

If you don’t have a bookcase there are other ways to organize your books.  When I didn’t have all my bookcase, I would stack them in order by genre.  Most of my books then were bodice busters – don’t judge me, I was young.   You can put books in totes, then I would organize by genre.    If storage is a factor maybe think about stacks of books.

Back to organizing your bookcase!  Work how you’d like too!  There are many ways to organize books.  This week I think I’ll be organizing by Author.  That would work best for me.  Good luck!

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