2018 is coming to a close!  A new year with a fresh start is fastly approaching.  Are you ready?  I will probably ring in the new year fast asleep in my bed.  I’m Ride or Die till about 10 pm.  Then I’m ready for bed.  Yes, I’m old! LOL  But I’m okay with that.  I’ve seen new years before.

With that being said, what was the last book you read for 2018?  Mine was Jackdaw Court by Jane Jago.   What will be your first read for 2019?  I’m not sure what mine will be yet.  I have a lot lined up.  Just haven’t picked one book yet.

Here are some 2019 book challenges –

Book-Lovers, Brace Yourselves: The 2019 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Is Here!

2019 Reading List The 2019 Christian Reading Challenge

Maybe start the book challenge with a friend/spouse or your book club.  That might be fun.  Either way, just keep reading!!

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