So I’ve been down and out with a sinus infection/double ear infection for the past 3 weeks.  Yes, I said 3 weeks.  I’m not on an antibiotic and am on the mends.  YEAH!!  With that being said, the books I was reading while sick were all DNF.  I hate when I don’t finish a book.  My momma didn’t raise a quitter!!  But here I am quitting a book.

I’m starving for something amazing that I can sink my teeth into, roll around in bed with, something that will keep my interest longer than 30 seconds.

My kindle is loaded with books.  LOADED.  But I can’t find the right book.  Some are just too fluffy, some are too dark, some just have crappy characters.  PLEASE, I’m begging.  I need a good book to soothe my soul.

Dearest Book God

Find me a good book, Please.


Amy – distracted reader who needs something amazing

happy (1)

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