Valentine’s Gifts for Readers..

Ahh, Valentine’s Day! The day to declare your undying love to another person.  Should you get them a box of chocolates?  Overpriced roses?  Or perhaps take them to dinner and a movie?  They all sound lovely.

What happens if your love interest is a big book reader?

Instead of a bouquet of roses, how about a bouquet of books or a bouquet of gifts cards for them to buy their own books?

A great gift for bibliophiles, this Plush Book Bouquet looks great in a reading nook or on a bookshelf. An arrangement of nine novels, it includes literary canon favorites Alice in Wonderland , Sherlock Holmes , and Dracula .Trisha B Blog: End of the Year Teacher Gift ~ Gift Card Bouquet and Memory Book


How about a bookmark?   There are tons of places on ETSY that have these spoon bookmarks.  I picked one up at Christmas time for my niece, she really liked it.  Unique That. we. do - Book Club Gift. Spoon Bookmark. My Drinking Club has a Book #etsy (affiliate)and pretty cool.    Don’t like a spoon bookmark, try a leather one that you can put their name on.  That should win you some major brownie points!





There are tons of things out there for book readers.  Be creative.  Think about the person you are shopping for.  What would they love?

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