A Call to Pride by Poppy Woods

42424715Liza Moultrie has been on the run from her past for over a year, trying to make sense of the events surrounding the attack that brought her life to a screeching hault. Life in Helen, Georgia has been kind to her and the friendships she found there have made the healing process a little easier, if painstakingly slow. Unable to distinguish nightmares from memories, she turns to the two guys who stomped into her life with without warning.

Parker and Kade James have secrets of their own, and apparently they’re bad at keeping them. Helen was supposed to be one more stop on the road, one more paycheck. That was until they met their mate. Their mate. Two brothers, one seemingly human girl, and they’re both drawn to her. When Liza’s past catches up to her, can the brothers keep her safe? Can she let them in and accept her place as their mate?

With danger stalking her, literally, throughout the town she has come to think of as her refuge, Liza has only one choice: Trust them.

A Call To Pride is a paranormal menage romance. Steamy shifters make this story unacceptable for anyone under the age of eighteen. Because the characters in this universe have a story to tell, and the author has little control over that, some uncomfortable topics may be touched on such as sexual assault, abuse, and death.


6 Feet Under Books

4 Stars

Healing from the past, Liza tries to bury the past in Helen, Georgia.  She has a new life, new friends, new job, all that jazz.  She also has nightmares about the past and what happened to her.  Liza can’t outgrow or overcome it.   Then she meets Kade and Parker.  Two enigmas.  Yet she is drawn to them and doesn’t understand why.  When her past comes back to haunt her, she tries to run, but Kade and Parker won’t let her.  They are claiming her as their own.  Her attacker lays claim on her too.  The scar he left on her body proclaims his claim on her too.  Yet, it didn’t have the desired effect.  When her true nature comes through with the brother’s still care about her?  Or will they run off too??

Parker is the Alpha, Kade should be the Alpha but he has no people skills, his animal is too dominant.  When they catch Liza, they know who she is to them.  Mate.  They carefully pursue her, letting her always make the first move.  They protect her, they keep her safe, and they love her.  When push comes to shove, with the brother’s be able to share her?

I liked this story.  I liked how Liza needed to figure out what she is.  But, when she figured out what she is, I sighed.  I wanted so much more for her.  I did like the brothers and how different they are.  Yet how they both loved Liza.  The story was fast-paced and filled with sexy scenes.

Yes, this is a cliff hanger, but not in a bad way.  Liza isn’t kidnapped, we know she is safe, but what we don’t know……yeah, you’ll have to read it to find out.   I will be reading book #2 in this series.

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