Die for You by Zanne Sweeney

42773630A standalone, romantic thriller. This book contains mature content.
Belle is the fourth generation to live on Green Mountain, a mountain that some say is cursed. Her upbringing has been unique, but until a tragedy hits she never realized just how different she is. When ghostly events endanger her life Belle’s simple world spins out of control.
Brady had it all, but coming home from Afghanistan as a seriously wounded Marine has left him a broken man. He has no job, no confidence and no desire to rejoin the life he once had.
The perilous mystery surrounding Green Mountain puts Belle and Brady in grave danger. He wants to keep her safe, but how can he? He’s not the Marine hero he once was. She would do anything for him to feel whole again, including leave him.

Partial proceeds from this book will go to the Semper Fi Fund.

6 Feet Under Books

3 stars

I hate being the first person to review a book. This is just my opinion, do NOT take it as gospel, if the description of the book sounds good – READ IT! While there were aspects of this book I did enjoy, there were other things that held it back – like pour grammar, lack of editing – there are several chapters that are repeated. It got to be overwhelming for me.

This is a long, drawn-out story. I’m going to give you the abridged version. Strap in, here we go!

Setting – Green Mountain in Vermont. Off the grid, but not in a bad way. They have running water and a farm.

Belle’s entire family has lived on this mountain for generations! Her Gigi(Great Grandma), Grandma, Momma, & herself. But they are dying off one by one. Then her momma is killed and it’s just Belle. At this time she meets the Sheriff and his boys, Tommy & Brady who are going to help her dig her momma’s grave.

Story ambles along, Brady hangs out with Belle, takes her to the big town nearby. Things are rolling along. But something is going on in Belle’s house. She is the victim of several attacks that they can’t pinpoint on everyone. Brady likes her a lot but is still a childish boy who can’t get his head out of his ass to see straight – this last the majority of the book. Someone wants Green Mountain and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the mountain away from Belle.

You’ll meet Kip and Adam, both guys have insta-lust for Belle.

Where the book fell apart for me – the book could have started with a little family history and then jumped into her mom dying. There was a lot of telling and not so much showing in this book. Could I picture the farm and the house? YES.
Could I picture Belle? Yes
Brady? Kip? Adam? Nope

To be honest I skimmed this book in some areas because it rehashed the same thing I already read 2 pages ago.

What I liked about the story is that it came full circle with Belle’s life. I liked that she never wavered on the stance with the mountain. She was a fighter and resilient. But all the noise around her story did get in the way some times.

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