Southern Player by Jessica Peterson

I’m looking for a hot hookup with no strings attached. And I want my older brother’s best friend to step up to the plate…
My dating history is lame. My experiences in bed? Even lamer. As the owner of a thriving business, I’m used to calling the shots. But one place I don’t always want to be in charge is in the bedroom.
Enter Luke Rodgers. My brother’s best friend. Former major league baseball player. A guy who now hangs out on his farm, sweaty and shirtless, as he nurses a shoulder injury.

If the rumors are true, he also likes to work up a sweat behind closed doors. A total MVP in the sack.

Just the take charge guy I’m looking for.

With Luke and I, it’s game on. And it’s all good until Luke decides he wants forever, and he wants it with me.

I’m just not convinced I can trust Luke. Will he keep playing the field and break my heart? Or is he really ready to hang up his cleats for good?

SOUTHERN PLAYER is a full length, STANDALONE romance.


6 Feet Under Books

5 Stars of Amazingness

So here is what I want to know…where can I get a Luke Rodgers?? Just for reference.

Grace and Luke have known each other for years. He is best friends with her brother, that makes him off limits. But when Grace is down and out, she needs a man just like Luke to lift her up and over the hurdle that is holding her back. With her bro’s blessing, she approaches Luke with an FWB kind of proposition. Will she be able to keep her heart of the sex? Will Luke cringe and run for the hills when she asks for what she wants in bed?

OMG! Luke is going to get to bone Gracie girl after all these torturous years!! Praise Jesus! Only he doesn’t want to just make love to her and check things off her bucket list, he wants to court her/woo her into a relationship with him. As things progress he sees how different they really are. She’s no farm girl, she’s a city girl with lots of rich prospects. What can he offer her? What if, what if, keeps rolling around in his head. Can this work out between them?

I like this more because of the fact that there really is nothing like Southern Sweet Tea

I fell in love with Luke right from the start. He is amazing. Swoon-worthy, kind, smart, has a baseball bat and knows how to use it. I could go on. The connection that he and Grace has is tangible. It’s like electricity snapping and popping in the air. Their chemistry was off the charts amazing. The supporting characters are great too. Frankly, there wasn’t anything about the book I didn’t love, except for the self-doubt. That made me sad.

Yes, I will reread this book again and again. I will also yell from the rooftops what a great book this was. So if you hear me, go get the book. Meet Luke. But remember he’s my book boyfriend.

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