Billionaire 42 by Anna Lores

44034708A woman willing to bare it all. A man ready to do whatever it takes. Two people, driven to the brink by desperation.

Lissa Trade wants love, marriage, and a family with her billionaire boss. But, seducing him proves to be impossible, and she’s done waiting. A virgin, she signs up to star on a private, live-stream, matchmaking show. With a billionaire businessman as her lover and the promise of a pregnancy, Lissa hopes to finally have a bundle of joy to love more than the sun, moon, and stars…

Business mogul Blake Greystoke thinks he’s too old for the one woman who makes his heart skip a beat. But when he finds out she’s going on a sensual, online reality show, he throws caution to the wind for a chance to win her heart, and make his dreams of a family with her come true.

Will the steamy, reality live-stream bring them a happily ever after, or tear them apart?

Billionaire 42 is the first of a series of standalone, spicy contemporary romance novellas. If you like sexy stories with billionaire bosses and their smart and sassy virgins, you’re going to love Anna Lores’s fun, risqué read.


6 Feet Under Books (1)

3.5 stars

Lissa is hot for her boss. She runs his day to day life, knows his ins and outs. Yet she can’t get him to look at her. *SIGH* There are things that Lissa wants in life; a baby, husband, a white house with a picket fence. So she is taking matters into her own hands…and agrees to be on a TV show that will match her with a Billionaire who will give her a baby. Plus she has a degree to finish, so Liss takes a leave of absence from her boss, Blake and pursues some of her dreams. What happens when she gets her wish? What about Blake?

He can’t let her do this! It’s craziness. He wants her, but she is so young. Blake throws caution to the wind and joins the cast for the same TV show as Lissa and becomes her Billionaire. He has to play it cool until he can tell her. Blake wants Liss. He loves her. She is HIS! He is lost without her and wants her back in his life any way that he can get her. When he finally does tell her will he lose her forever? Will his love scare her away?

This is 86 pages of sex and filler. Lissa has a bad backstory that isn’t really flushed out – yes something bad did happen. Blake is 40 and he does try with Lissa. Yet to me their relationship feels forced. Blake is trying to hard to keep her when he really doesn’t need to. She isn’t going anywhere.  It’s super frustrating to me when both characters like each other but can’t make a move.  Lissa has made plenty of moves, but Blake is stubborn and thinks he’s too old.

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