Novel Outline…Part 1

Your characters are created, your idea is festering in your head.  You are ready to draft out your Novel.  There are 3 sections of your book;

the beginning – this is where you HOOK your readers.  Draw them in with your characters with the storyline.

the middle – this is where the conflict comes in to destroy your readers

the end – this is where you patch up all the bad shit you stirred up in the middle.  Or if it’s a cliff hanger, this is where you push us right over the edge.

I work better with visual aids!  So let’s look at the picture below.

Add a subheading

So how do you hook your readers?

With a sound, action, a question, or dialog.

Sound – 

BOOM!  The loud noise from the canon warned the men that a canon was hurling their way.  They couldn’t see it, the fog was too dense.  So they scattered like rats and took cover the best that they could.

Action – 

All he could hear was the pounding of his feet on the cement sidewalk.  He needed to get away.  Whatever was in the alleyway wasn’t something he wanted to mess with.  Picking up the pace, he tripped over an uneven part of the sidewalk.  He landed with a hard thud and scrambled to his feet.  Somewhere in the distance, he could hear it coming after him.  It would never give up searching for him now that he saw it.

A Question – 

What was his grandfather trying to tell him before he passed?  James glanced at the note in his hand again.  It still didn’t make sense to him.  Yet, he knew his grandfather was telling him something.

Dialog –  I’m not good at this one, but I’m sure you can figure it out.  🙂


Go forth and write your book!  Take the knowledge that you are gaining and use it toward your writing.  Don’t make all my work be in vain!  Make me proud.

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