Book Review – Hell is a Harem by Kim Faulks


A human, a hellhound, and an archangel walk into a bar…
Sounds like the first line to a joke, right?
Only it’s no joke…it’s my damned life.
Witches are running riot.

hifters are on the hunt. 

Demons are eating humans.

There’s a new drug on the street. Sigil is dark and deadly…to the paranormal kind, opening up their second sight, urging them to maim, torture, and kill.
And the bodies are piling up.

For me it’s an opp

ortunity to get off The Circle’s shit list and back in the black, because the Circle’s Paranormal First Response Squad is more than my job, it’s my legacy. 
So here I am, scoping out the only known distribution site, a hell-raising bar called Wicked, trying like hell to keep my eyes off the archangel who refuses my advances, and the hellhound who wants me six ways to Sunday.
He whispers dangerous things that sets my pulse racing, turning toward the human, Inspector Titus Banks, and archangel Gabriel, who gives me a wink.

Oh my damn heart…this is gonna be a long-ass night.
Hell really is a Harem.

*This is a dark reverse harem urban fantasy series. If you love your stories hot with a whole lotta sass then this book is for you. Welcome to the dark side.


6 Feet Under Books (1)

4 Stars

Lorn is a witch, well that’s what she’s been told all her life by her grandma, Alma. Just a witch, nothing more or less. She has a shit job with The Circle, that barely keeps her alive.  Things start to change when a new drug – Sigil hits the streets. It’s changing the supes and Lorn needs to find out why.  Titus is the first to offer her help with finding the source of the drug, but he wants help too.  Rival, the hell hound shows up – she called to him and he came to her.  Gabriel is her father’s friend, he’s been with her for years.  With the help of her harem, she will meet her father – Lucifer and figure out what is going on. Will her old lover, Redemption get in her way and stop her from meeting her father? Or will he take the fall for everything bad going on?


This is a fast-paced story that will keep you hooked from the beginning to the end. I love all 3 of her men, but Gabriel and his pink and diamonds hold a special place in my heart! OMG!  You read Lorn grow and come into more powers.  You read how the men around her are weary of her, yet are unwilling to leave her.  They become her lovers, her family.  It’s what Lorn has always wanted and needed. Can she keep them safe?  Can they keep her safe?   And what about the drugs?

There are a lot of unanswered questions, that will hopefully be answered in the next book.  Like who is supplying Sigil?  Why was Redemption framed?  Why do people think Lucifer would kill Lorn?  Why is Alma up in arms?

Just be aware, that this is a cliff hanger.  There are some HEA moments, but it’s not all boxed up with a pretty bow on it.  Will I be reading book #2?  Hell yes!

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