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Let’s give a big round of applause for Friday finally getting here and for Harlow Layne for answering 6 questions!  Thank you so much.   Ms. Layne has a new book being released on May 10th, titled; Unsteady in Love.   This is the 3rd book in the Fairlane series!  Don’t miss out.


1. What was the most surprising thing you learned while creating your book? 

The author community and the friends I’ve made along the journey. They are so amazing. Writing is a very lonely job and you need to find your tribe to get through the tough times and to talk through plot ideas and author problems.

  2. what do you think makes a good story? 
For me what makes a good story is the story the author wants to write. The story that’s inspiring to them. If an author is passionate about the book they are writing, you can tell a difference than when they are writing it for market.
  3. what does literary success look like to you?  
Finding new readers with each release even if it’s only one new fan who enjoys me work.
4. what was your favorite book that you wrote and why? 
Intern is my favorite. I was so inspired by my muse it flowed out of me so incredibly easy and Ty is probably as close to my perfect dream man as I’ve ever written. It should have been my hardest to write. Before I wrote Intern, I hated writing sex scenes most of the time, but Ty helped me through that. lol
  5. What was the hardest scene you had to write?  
In my upcoming book, Unsteady in Love which releases May 10th, the first time they had sex was extremely difficult. I can’t tell you why without spoiling so much about the book. Sorry.
6. What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex?  
Getting into the head of a male. I for one can never understand the mindset of the males around me so trying to be true to the male’s POV is incredibly difficult especially during sex scenes.


Unsteady in Love – Releasing May 10th

Everything I ever thought I knew about him, everything I thought he wanted was a lie.

Imagine one day calling your boyfriend, the love of your life, the man you planned to marry and have kids with only to find out his phone has been disconnected, and he’s joined the military.

How could someone love you if they ran away?

That was four years ago when he shattered my heart into a million pieces and today I find that same man on my doorstep… pleading for forgiveness and my hand in marriage.

Our relationship isn’t what I dreamt it would be. The only way to see it through is to keeping the past pain buried and protecting my heart. It shouldn’t be hard when he’s half a world away, but when tragedy strikes causing Holden to come back to me half the man he was when he left…

I must decide if he’s worth giving a second chance. With a past as checkered as ours, I’m not sure love will ever exist again.

Unsteady in Love is a stand-alone in the Fairlane series. The series has crossover characters from each novel. It is not required to read the books in order but it is recommended to enhance the reading experience.

Fairlane Series:
1. Hollywood Redemption (Luke and Alex)
2. Hollywood Fairytale (Luke and Alex)
3. Unsteady in Love (Holden and Prue)
4. Kiss Me (Jax and Gabi) – Coming November 2019

Harlow Layne:

Indie Author. Romance Writer. Reader. Mom. Wife. Dog Lover.  Addicted to all things Happily Ever After and Amazon.

Harlow Layne is an emerging author of small-town and Hollywood romance.

Harlow wrote for years before she Luke and Alex’s story that had been swimming in her head for years.

When Harlow’s not writing you’ll find her shopping on Amazon, spending way too much time on social media, reading, or hanging out with her friends, family, and two dogs.

Social Media Links:


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