Book Review – Easy Virtue by Mia Asher

34497650“I believe everything and everyone has a price.”

Meet Blaire White and the two men who claim her as their own.

Ronan—he’s summertime and his kisses warm sunlight.

Lawrence—he’s the dark smoke that clouds her senses, whispers against her skin, and fills up her lungs, polluting her with his intoxicating beauty.

One has nothing to offer her but his heart, the other the world and everything money can buy.

One will own her soul, the other her body.

One asks for forever, the other for nights full of uninhibited, licentious pleasure.

Who will Blaire choose?

Merge into Blaire’s world full of deceit, sex, lies, heartache, and money to find out the answer.

A delicious and sinful collection that includes two full-length books: Easy Virtue and Sweetest Venom.


6 Feet Under Books (1)

4 stars


Blaire is a lonely girl, looking for love. Her boyfriends of choice are rich men, who can pay for her lifestyle and keep her in designer clothing. Until she meets a simple man who changes her world. Ronan is everything she’s always wanted and needed. Yet she can’t allow herself to have him. He’s too much and love is NOT something she’s looking for. Blaire pushes him away for a wealthy man, Lawrence – who pays for her company. Somehow fate has it in mind that she can’t get away from Ronan. Is it to late for them? Can Blaire make Ronan see that she does love him? Or has he replaced her with someone else? And what about Lawrence?


This woman is amazing and beautiful. Ronan is drawn to her, he is infatuated with her. Their time together, he can never get enough of her. But she breaks his heart. Crushes it, leaving him for another man. Her words stung. And there is no way better to get over a girl than getting under a new girl. Ronan tries to replace Blaire, but she is a drug in his veins that he can’t get rid of.

I enjoyed this book. It’s been on my kindle for a while – I’m so glad I picked it up. I loved the tension between Ronan and Blaire, I love the fairytale that they weave. The subplot was great too and in the end it was all HEA!! YEAH! The sex in this book is pretty good too. The story is told in Blair, Lawrence, & Ronan’s POV.

happy (1)

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