Book Review – Dangerous Passions


Shelby Martin’s life is as dry, dull and dusty as the artifacts with which she works, but all that changes when she accepts a dare by her friends: pick up a sexy stranger for one unforgettable night of uncharacteristic passion.

Josh Nichols is a no-nonsense vice cop used to the seedier side of Baltimore. When he’s picked up in a bar by Shelby, he realizes the move is out of character for her—and is immediately surprised at the instant chemistry between them. He doesn’t count on her disappearing after one hot night—before he gets her full name or even a phone number.

Neither of them had expected to see the other again—or to have their worlds turned upside down when they’re thrown together as a result of a crime at Shelby’s museum. Can two people from completely different worlds look beyond suspicion and build a relationship from one night of unprecedented passion? Or will those differences pull them apart…especially when there’s someone else who wants nothing more than to see Shelby fail?

Feet Under Books!

5 Stars

On one of my many book adventures I met Lisa B Kamps at an author event and picked up this amazing book. I’m so glad that I did! I love it.

Shelby is dared to pick up a random stranger from the bar. The instant her eyes land on Josh, she knows he is the one she wants to pick up and she needs to move fast before her friend swoops in. That one night with Josh sends her reeling. It was just what she needed at this moment in her life. Then her life comes to a halt when things go missing from the museum she is working at and Josh shows up. Between David her ex, who runs the museum trying to frame her for the theft and Josh trying to figure out the crime and woo Shelby – she’s a mess. A glorious mess in Josh’s bed.

He knew this girl was going to be remarkable. Yet when he woke up on his boat alone, he was disappointed. He had no way of contacting her. Until Josh walked into her work to babysit the agencies there to help figure out who stole the artifacts. Once he had her in his sight, he didn’t let go. Slowly, but surely he wears Shelby down and things heat up between them. He knows he wants her in his life, but does she want him in her life? And what about David and the museum case? Can he figure it out in time?


From the moment they meet you can feel the chemistry between Shelby and Josh. They are like magnets pulling each other together. He’s never had a serious relationship and she’s gun shy about the entire things. When Shelby sees Josh in all his glory, authority, oozing power she is a quivering mass of NEED.  I really feel like they should have a name too – like JoShel or ShelJo – something cutey like that.

The characters are great, they work together. Shelby could be any of us at this point. And Josh, yeah, he’s the guy we all dream about having one day.  God pick up this book you will not be disappointed!!


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