Book Marketing Idea…

Your book is done.  It’s been through the editors, the beta readers and now you are releasing it to the masses.  Congratulations on all your hard work.

Now how do you get it to your readers?

There are always bloggers who are willing to help.  You just need to know where to turn.  Check out Facebook and search Bloggers.  An entire list will come up.  Check out their pages and see if they accept your genre.   If they do you might want to PM them and offer them an ARC of your book.  This is a good way to get book reviews – other than the 5 star reviews your momma gave you.  Yeah, we know all about that.

Start small – have some bloggers help you with a Cover Reveal.  Get your cover out there, because yes, this is how people will see your book first.  I can’t stress enough how important the cover is.  Yes, yes, don’t judge a book by the cover.  But if the cover is boring, why pick it up?!   Once that is done.  Several days later post a teaser from the book.  A week later an Excerpt from the book – make it a good one!  Do you see what’s going on?  Keep your book at the forefront of the readers.  They will remember it.  So in another week’s time when you do the PreOrder, they will be pumped over everything.  When the Release rolls around, fingers crossed you get some nibbles.

Another great way would be – if your story is set in a particular city.  Let’s say Philadelphia.  (It’s what came to mind first!)  Do a search on all the Indie book stores in that area.  Indie Bound  Reach out to those book stores.  Send them a blurb of your story and maybe the first few chapters if you can, so that you can HOOK them!!!!  Ask them if they’d be interested in selling your book that is set in their city.  At worst, you’ll hear nothing.  But, at least you are trying to get your book out there.

Dear Sir/Madam;

Hello.  My name is Author DuJour and I recently wrote a book based in Philadelphia.  I would love to sell my book in your book store.  Please see the attached email for the first 5 chapters.




Author DuJour

I believe in keeping emails simple.  Get to the point, don’t waste time.  State who you are and what you want.  Cut and dry.  Don’t write me a book for an email.  I don’t read those emails.

Go forth and push your book authors!

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