Book Review – Summer With My Daddy’s Best Friend

46682287. sy475 Hot, sticky summer heat… ice cold strawberry popsicles… showing off my freshly 18-year-old-body in a too-tight bikini…
I wanted my last summer vacation before I went off to college to be special.
And when my family ended up crammed together in a lakeside cabin with my father’s long-time friend, I got my wish.
Before my vacation was over, I was going to experience more than I ever imagined:
Hungry stares.
Rippling, tan muscles.
My first kiss. My first… everything.
If only it hadn’t been with my dad’s best friend.
And when everyone finds out what we’ve done, our lives are going to change forever.

This is old-school Penny Wylder! You said you wanted more older-man younger-woman romance, and you’re getting it. If you loved Her Dad’s Friend, my break out hit, you’ll definitely love this hot, sizzling summer story! HEA and NO cheating included!

Feet Under Books!

3 Stars

What more could a girl ask for? A few weeks at the beach, with her BFF’s, and her BFF’s dad – who is drool-worthy? Maybe the said dad, could pop her cherry too? That would be perfect for Jenny. Because she is lusting after Ben – her dad’s best friend. A 44-year-old man. While she is a tender 18-year-old. But love is love, right?

This is a novella, quick to read. It all starts with football, then heats up. What is Ben to do? He knows Jenny likes him, but how much? He’ll just have to test her. It’s not much of a test. What does surprise Ben is that Jenny is still holding her V-card? Ben dives in and gives Jenny the summer of her life and his.


It was a good story with a HEA. Not a lot of fluff, right into the story and the rollercoaster of events that follows. Because nothing is every simple or easy!  Give it a try if you like Older man/younger woman.  Or just need a hot read by the pool.  This will keep your temperature set to STEAMING!

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