Book Review – Faking Ms. Right

45183911. sy475 “When I kissed you last night, I wasn’t pretending.”

Everly Dalton is a walking, talking, martini-drinking dating disaster. Forget kissing frogs. She can’t even get past the first date. But at work, she’s a badass—the longest-running assistant billionaire Shepherd Calloway has ever had. Her coworkers wonder how she handles the big bad wolf—and never gets bit.

Shepherd Calloway isn’t interested in being anyone’s sugar daddy. Tired of women who only want him for his money, he swears off dating, determined to focus on running his empire. Until his gold-digging ex hits him where it hurts, putting him in a difficult position.

His solution—to have Everly pose as his live-in girlfriend—is obviously crazy. But the timing is uncanny. It just so happens Everly needs a favor from her boss—a big and awkward one—and this could ensure everyone gets what they want.

Besides, Everly can totally survive a few months of faux romance.

Except there’s a problem. Shepherd is supposed to be a single-minded, unemotional robot boss. Not an actual human with a heart and morning wood. Between the awkward bed-sharing and tingly fake dates, lines are blurring. And as Everly gets to know the real Shepherd, she discovers there’s more to the man behind the bank account.

And faking it gets all too real.

Faking Ms. Right is a hot, STAND-ALONE romantic comedy.

Feet Under Books!

4 Stars

Everly and Mr. Calloway have worked together for 3 years.  She’s seen the gold diggers come and go in his life.  When he needs help, she is there to help him.  His last hussy is now back in Shepherd’s life, with his dad.  Shep has to up his game and who does he call?  His trust assistant – Everly.  Together they concoct a fake relationship, that blooms into an engagement, and then bursts into love.  It’s not that easy.  Shep is closed off and bottles up his emotions rather than feel them or deal with them.  Everly is just an amazing woman that any man would be lucky to land.  When the fake relationship snow ball starts hurtling down the mountain will it crash and burn at the end?  Or will it slow down and gently sweep everyone along in it’s wake?

Everly and Shep are adorable.  But I really love Richard, Shep’s dad!  Awe, he’s so sweet and romantic.  Hazel and Nora are amazing too.  I hope they get their own books.  The chemistry and the build up between Shep and Everly is really good.  I swept through this book in a day and just really enjoyed it all.  Writing style kept me hooked.

This is a great summer read, I’ll be adding this to my suggested summer reading list!

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