Book Review – Filthy Beasts


They told me the men who live on the surface were filthy beasts… 
They were right!

For a highborn daughter of the great tower, never touched by the hands of a man, there is no greater shame than exile to the surface. I was told that the brutes who dwell amid the ruins of the old world would do unspeakable things to a girl like me, that if I were left at their mercy my virgin body would be shared among them and used more roughly than I could possibly imagine!

I didn’t listen. I defied the sacred laws of the tower, and I was banished, cast down to be claimed by the savages beneath. But as they ravage me over and over, every desperate, devastatingly intense climax, makes it more clear, that there is one thing the elders did not warn me about…

They didn’t warn me that before long, I would beg these filthy beasts for more! 

Publisher’s Note: Filthy Beasts includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t read this book.

Feet Under Books!

3 Star


A tower holds all the highborns. They are created, not born. Demi is a corrupt highborn. She is filled with Lust and must be punished. For her lustful nature, she is cast to the land below, where men rule and women are used. The men Demi meet are the brutes that the System described. Then she meets another male, who is half highborn. With the three other men of his tribe Ein; Ragnar, Tiger, and Kodak, they care for her and ravage her. Only when she is hurt do the men realize what a treasure she is to them. She is given both pleasure and pain.

I wish there was more plot. The entire System thing, just falls flat for me. It’s like a pervy AI. And why are the women kept in the pods for so long? Get them out early and squash all their feels from little on up. Why wait?

The characters are hard to get to know. Ragnar the chief, Ein the baby, Tiger a fighter, and Kodak a medicine man. That’s it. I guess I wanted more of a story with her and each man.

Not my favorite book. But it’s still a decent read.


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