Book Review – Pregnant in Pennsylvania

44649026. sy475 When you’re from a place like Clayton, PA, you either leave as soon as you can, or you never leave. We can’t even say we’re a one-stoplight town, because we don’t have a stoplight, just a traffic circle on a minor local highway. Here in Clayton, everyone knows everyone, and gossip and rumors are a way of life.

So, when my high school sweetheart leaves our son and me for a woman in another state, it’s the talk of the town for months, if not years. Even my motor-mouthed, wild child of a best friend, Cora, can’t rustle up enough trouble to keep my name off their lips for more than a week or two.

So, when I meet a handsome, single man not from Clayton, I assume he’s just passing through.

It was just supposed to be a night of fun with my BFF before school starts—one last hurrah before lesson plans and homework and packing lunches and school pickup lines take over everything. It wasn’t supposed to lead to an intense, sizzling connection—an attraction which despite my most vehement denials goes far beyond the physical.

The real question now is…will it end in another heartbreak for me and my son, or could it become a Happily Ever After?


Feet Under Books!

3 Stars

I cried while reading this book. I felt terrible for Elyse and Aiden and then Jamie too.

Life can get messy. Elyse knows first hand of just how messy it can get. He ex left her and their son, during a rough patch. Now she’s closed off to things and people. Her life if Aiden, her son. Yet, her BFF Cora begs her to go out and sing karaoke with her. There Elyse meets Jamie and goes home with him for the night, only to find out a few days later that he is the principal at her son’s school – AWKWARD!!!! Her walls are up and she doesn’t want to drag Aiden through it again if things don’t work out with her and Jamie. Things fall apart when she is rear-ended at school and needs to go to the ER. Jamie takes her and old memories come rushing back. Their future will forever be entwined, no matter what.

I liked this book, it was a little slow in the beginning and I did skim the boring counselor and student parts. It really didn’t add to the story IMHO, but that’s me.

Elyse must have gotten over that whiplashed neck pretty quickly at the end. I was surprised at that one. All in all an ok book.  Not my favorite by Jasinda.

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