Book Review – Silver Daddy

47822574. sy475 Morgan Brenner isn’t pleased to learn that an older man is moving into the other side of her duplex.  She expects he’ll be like the last one, whom she purposefully ran off with her loud music. She’s sure she’ll hate her new neighbor, just like she hates the sleepy town of Middlebury where she remains stuck thanks to her own poor choices.

But Morgan is about to find out she’s wrong.

Gavin McLeod is no fusty old man, even if he is older. The handsome, dignified Scottish writer is an experienced dominant, and it’s not long before he realizes his younger neighbor needs not only a lesson in manners, but a fulltime mentor to get her train wreck of a life back on track.

Morgan isn’t used to having someone call the shots. She’s not used to someone caring. And she certainly isn’t used to going over a man’s knee for a serious, bare-bottomed spanking that leaves her sobbing for mercy and shamefully aroused.

She never expected she could feel such burning desire for an older man, or such deep trust. For Gavin, who has always kept his dominant role formal, the affection of a young woman who so freely calls him Daddy has him reconsidering his solitary existence.

But the relationship is not without its challenges. While the age gap is exciting, their lives are heading in different directions. When they inevitably find themselves at an emotional crossroads, will their unique bond be enough to hold them together? Or will Morgan and her Silver Daddy say goodbye forever?


Feet Under Books!

3.5 Stars

Morgan is getting a new neighbor, another old guy to complain about her all the time. Her music is too loud, her dog barks too much, she this, she that. Only Gavin isn’t that way. He’s more hands-on with his complaints. When Morgan first meets Gavin, she is surprised by how young he really is. Not the fuddy-duddy she thought he’d be. When he takes her over his knee, she is even more surprised at what kind of response he elicits from her. With his guidance, Morgan grows as an adult, into the woman she needs to be. Her personal life and her professional life are moving forward.

Gavin is struck by Morgan and her ability to call him Daddy. She likes what he gives her. He knows that she will eventually find a man her age and that hurts him. Yet he can’t stop from helping and disciplining her – when she needs it. But all things come to an end. He purchases a house, while she signs a lease in the city. Their story has run its course. Or has it? Will Morgan come back to her daddy?

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Normally I’m not a big fan of Daddy Dom books, but this one I liked. Daddy Gavin wasn’t a big dick Alpha who ruled with an iron hand. He gave her what she needed and deserved. Not for just his pleasure, but for both of their mutual enjoyment. It was a quick and enjoyable book.

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