Book Review – The Cyborg’s Mail Order Bride

41812918._SY475_The world has changed. Women have almost no rights and men hold all the power. The insidious influence of the oppressive Vanguard Group is spreading around the world and beyond. But while they can try to roll back the clock on social progress, they can’t control the human heart. Or the will to rebel.

College student Abigail Bryce never imagined she’d one day find herself on a mining outpost far from Earth, waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. She expected her soon-to-be husband to be a grimy degenerate, not a driven man with muscles on muscles and chocolate-brown eyes she could sink into.

Logan “The Hammer” Thornton decided to bid on the blond beauty the moment he saw her. If he had to have a short-term bride to satisfy his genetically enhanced libido and keep him in top form to wrench Cobalt-X out of his mine, he might as well have one who made his pulse jump. He never guessed she’d be so sweet, smart and full of passion.

Good thing their marriage had a time limit. Because why would a woman like Abigail want a life with a cyborg freak like him?


Feet Under Books!

Yesterday I was unable to put this book down. I read at lunch, read at the spa, then finished up at home last night. I will read more of this series.

I picked this book up on a whim. It met all my checkboxes – Alien, Romance, New Author.

Abigail’s crappy husband has a debt to pay and he is going to use her to pay it. After a quick divorce, she is shipped off to a rock, that mines for Cobalt-X. She is now property of the Vanguard Group and is a mail order bride for the next few years. Paying off her ex’s debt and earning money. There’s only one problem, she hasn’t met her future husband and she really doesn’t want one. Could life with Logan be all that bad? He uses her as a sexual charging station, which she is ok with. It’s not just about him, it’s about her too. Everything is going smoothly until letters from Earth arrive asking Logan to come back and marry his ex-fiancee. Abigail struggles with her love and jealous. She should let him go. Can she? What does Logan think?

Finally a wife, a sexual partner, a charger for his battery. Logan knew being a cyborg was off-limits, but he needed the strength and power to mine the Cobalt-X. Marrying Abigail was the best thing for him until they shared a bed. Then his heart got involved and he wasn’t willing to let her go. His past comes back to haunt him and loom over his future with Abigail. What could be worse?

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Logan and Abigail, their relationship is like a flower. It slowly opens up and shows us it’s beauty. I really enjoyed the connection that they had. It wasn’t just sexual, he regarded her as a partner in everything, even though she was a woman and had no rights.


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