Book Review – The Bangover

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Dear Self—Do not pass Go, do not bang your oldest friend in the limo on the way to the swanky Vegas hotel. Just get back on the plane, fly home, and forget you almost had co-ed naked best buddy time time with the one man who is completely off limits.

I give myself very good advice.
Too bad I suck at taking it.

Not that Colin Donovan, my bad boy rock star best friend, is any help. Walking around looking ridiculously sexy, telling me I’m beautiful and fun and perfect the way I am and somehow making me believe it.

If only we hadn’t drunk so much whiskey that first night, if only I’d kept that red bikini in my suitcase, if only his evil ex-girlfriend hadn’t come sniffing around making me feel all territorial and protective.

And if only I hadn’t been secretly in love with Colin for years before this Friends with Bennies Vacation got started.

Who knows? Maybe the high will be worth the fall.
Either way, there’s no way I’m leaving Vegas without one heck of a Bangover.

The Bangover is a red-hot, laugh out loud rom-com featuring two best friends on a collision course with Vegas-flavored disaster—and each other. It stands alone. No cheating or cliffhangers.

Feet Under Books!

4.5 Stars

A 15 year friendship is put to the test, with a vacation to Vegas. Kirby needs a break from writing and feels like she can help her best friend, Col out before he goes on a sexless voyage to write his next album. She just needs to keep her feelings in check and not fall in love with Col. There trip is full of excitement. Col’s ex shows up to give Kirby a hard time. His ex will stop at nothing to get him back.
Col might be over his ex, but is his ex over him? Can Kirby and Col have a future together or will this Vegas trip ruin their friendship?

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This is a fast-paced book, that I read in 4 hours. I could not put this book down. Their chemistry, they meshed so well. From page 1 I was rooting for them to succeed. The twists and turns in the book added some spice. The fact that Kirby traveled with a cat, named Murder was hysterical. This should be on everyone’s TBR list!

Kirby, Regina, and Col are amazing characters that could be anyone you know. For a rockstar, Col is very laid back and relaxed about a lot of things. He’s not pretentious like most rockstars. Kirby is fun and odd, but still amazing in her own right. Regina – OMG! Full of herself, right up to the end. Take a chance on this book.

Lili Valente is now one of my top 10 fav authors.


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