HallowRead Book Event


This past Saturday, I attended HallowRead Author Event in Ellicott City, MD with my author friend, Mary Walsh. Have you ever been to Ellicott City? This was my first time. The 250+ year old town was built into the bottom of a slope, ideal for the grist mills that once operated there. In 2016, and again in 2018, the historic town flooded when eight inches of rain fell in two hours. 1500 cars washed away.

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We had an out of this world lunch at Manor Hill Tavern, one of the restaurants that miraculously survived both floods. I had an amazing breakfast pizza and Mary had yummy mac & cheese.

After lunch, we walked to the Community Center where HallowRead was being held. By the time Mary and I arrived, the Key Note was going on, so some of the authors were missing from their tables.  However, the authors I did get to meet were wonderful! One came all the way from Michigan. It was a cozy event. Books ranged from thrillers to mythology, to horror, steampunk, and more.  We heard the ghost tour the night before was well received and later that night guests could go to the haunted house.

HallowRead was a nice, intimate event that hit lots of my book likes: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, and Romance.

These are the books I picked up while at HallowRead.  I started the book By The Sea by Katherine McIntyre last night.


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