To Tell or Not To Tell…

Sometimes when you are reading a book you run across grammar issues, spelling errors, missing words (YIKES), run-on sentences, etc.  No one is perfect.  Not editors. Not computer programs.  No one.  We all make mistakes.  (Keep reading you’ll find mine!)

Bad Grammar


At what point does it bother you enough to put the book down and not finish?   One mistake?  Two?  Five?  I usually try to forge through the book.  However, there are times when I just can not, because things just aren’t working out.   I hate it when this happens!!  But it happens to us all.  Then what?

Funny Punctuation Grammar Humor Posters

As a reader, for me, I will usually make mention in the book review and highlight an example.  You know so no one can come back at me and say – I read it and it was fine!  Bravo!  We all read things differently.  I might be able to process something that someone else can’t get past.  Does that make it wrong?  No.

If I run across an error and I know the author, I will pop him/her a brief message with the page # and line the error occurred.  Otherwise, if I don’t know the author, I mention it in the book review.  I try to be kind, because who couldn’t use some kindness?  Being flippant and rude will get me nowhere.

I got a dig bick

Author’s, now I pose the question to you.  What is your preference?  Have someone point it out, so you can correct it?  Or not know and live in the bliss that your writing is 100% golden?  I’m not sure how I feel.  Part of me would want to know, so I could improve my writing.  But the human in me would be pissed for letting that slip by.  Hence why I’m not an author.  I don’t have thick skin.


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