Book Review – Frenzy

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Frenzy – The Omegaborn Trilogy  by Sara Fields

In the city, I belonged to no one. Here in the wild, I’m an omega for a pack to claim.

Inside the walls I was a respected scientist. Out here I’m vulnerable, desperate, and soon to be at the mercy of the beasts and barbarians who rule these harsh lands. But that is not the worst of it.

When the suppressants that keep my shameful secret wear off, overwhelming, unimaginable need will take hold of me. I’m an omega about to go into heat, and I know what comes next…

But I’m not the only one with instincts far beyond my control. Alphas roam this wilderness, savage men driven by their very nature to claim me more fiercely than I can imagine, paying no heed to my screams as one brutal climax after another is ripped from my helplessly willing body.

It won’t be long now, and when the mating starts, it will be nothing short of a frenzy.

Publisher’s Note: Frenzy includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Feet Under Books!


3.5 stars

Reverse Harem

Raven and most of the self-imposed civilized people live in a dome. There is no sex, babies are created in a lab. Desires are squashed with a chemical in the air and shots. Raven and her team need to venture from the dome of safety for her research. It is there that they meet heathens, who destroy everything. Raven is an Omega, she knows that within hours she’ll go into heat. The only surviving teammate is Alix and he’s an Alpha. She’s witnessed it all before and doesn’t know if she will survive or how this will all work. What about the people who attacked her team? Are they still out there?

This is a quick story, that’s built around sex. The Omega needs it and the Alpha happily gives it. There’s not much plot, it’s more sex. All in all good sexy story.

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