Book Review – My Sister’s Boss

48124955._SY475_My Sister’s Boss by PG Van


Nikki would prefer staying unemployed rather than work for him, but she is left with no choice. She is forced to work with her sister’s boss. He’s arrogant, demanding, blunt, impatient, and not to mention, stunningly good looking.

She cannot wait for the two weeks to be over and for her sister to return, so she can get away from the playboy billionaire, who makes the air between them crackle and makes her question her resolve.

Arguments between them start to heat up, and the lazy glare he gives her at the end of every argument makes him even more attractive, making every moment with him torturous.

Between the heated glares and board-room meetings something sparks to life between them shaking up everything she had planned.

My Sister’s Boss is a standalone, passionate, office romance with a sweet HEA.

Feet Under Books!

4 Stars

This is my first PG Van book.  Will it be my last?  Nope.

Lots of tension and angst in this book between Niki and Pranav. I couldn’t wait for them to sleep together to cut through some of the sexual tension that PG Van builds up in the story. When it finally happened it, was like a dam broke and the story flowed.

Nikki is working for her sister’s job while she is on bed rest. Pranav is the boss man. He is demanding and intelligent. She just has to make it until her sister, Sanju can come back to work and then Nikki can escape to NYC. But every week Nikki falls a little more for him. Every week, she wants him a little more. When she finally gets him, she realizes what all the fuss is about. Yet, when Pranav accuses her of the unthinkable, can she pick up the pieces or are they too shattered to be repaired?

The more he is around Nikki, the more he realizes that she is the one. Together they can conquer anything, apart they are just two people. Pranav has never felt this way before. NEVER. When Pranav jumps to conclusions and blames Nikki for something his brother did, that’s the ultimate betrayal between them. Can he win Nikki back? Or did he just cause the biggest mistake in his life?

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The characters are great to read. You learn a lot about the family dynamics on both sides, plus you get to see how Nikki and Pranav interact. Like I stated before you can feel the tension rolling off the 2 main characters. I loved the slow build between Pranav and Nikki, the slow burn to their fire. And I loved how it ended! That was amazing and not at all what I expected to happen.

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