Book Review…The Ugly Christmas Sweater

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The Ugly Christmas Sweater by Jackie Paxson

7 Reasons to Never Do a Favor for Your Best Friend:

1. It’s an ugly sweater party
2. The party is full of handsy executives
3. It’s an ugly sweater party
4. It’s an open bar and you need lots of alcohol to get through the party
5. It’s an ugly sweater party
6. Your friend leaves you to humiliate yourself in front of a sexy suit
7. It’s an ugly sweater party

Being a good friend means attending a corporate Christmas party with the ugliest sweater your friend could find. Cierra is a very good friend. However, coping with the party with the open bar lends her to humiliating herself with the sexiest guy there.

Justin knows the girl who threw up on his shoes at his company’s Christmas party, if only he could remember where. Between her drunken slurs and unfiltered conversation, she was the most fascinating woman he’d ever met.

Christmas is the season filled with love and cheer. Can a woman with no filter and a billionaire CEO find a way to survive the season, fall in love, and save an animal shelter in the process?


Feet Under Books!

3.5 Stars

Thank you, Jackie Paxson, for reaching out to me! I enjoyed this book.

This book has a HEA and amazing characters. I adore Cierra and Justin and the secondary characters are amazing too. I hope there are books about Trina and Dinah and Donny and Jonas. Hint, hint!

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Cierra has worked at the local coffee house since graduating high school. Not her dream job, but it pays the bills for her. Her friend, Trina suckers her into attending the company Christmas party, where Cierra let’s loose, in more ways than one. A job opens up for an event planner, right up Cierra’s alley – at Trina’s job. The same place Cierra let loose. When she goes in for the interview she doesn’t expect to see the hot guy she serves coffee too.

Justin is smitten by Cierra. She is witty, creative, spunky, and has no filter. Plus she is gorgeous. Slowly he works his way into her life. With the loss of his father, his mother is on the warpath for his happiness. Only she’s doing it her way and not the right way. Justin is happy with Cierra. Can he get his mother to back off or accept her? Or will she destroy everything?

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