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Claimed(Nightwind Pack #1)by Laurann Dohner and Kele Moon

Kidnapped then released deep in the woods, Brandi is on a harrowing run for her life, hunted by beasts straight out of a horror movie. But there’s an even bigger, more vicious creature in the woods—the deadly werewolf who saves her life. Jason is much more than a man, dangerous and intimidating, and Brandi still finds herself wanting every unbelievably sexy inch of him.

When he investigates the desperate screams near his secluded cabin, Jason’s shocked to find his own kind hunting a human—but he ends up even more stunned when he accidentally triggers a mating heat in the beautifully lush woman he saved. Overwhelmed with lust, Jason takes her, bites her, binds her to him forever…

Now he just has to break the news to Brandi.

Feet Under Books!

4.5 Stars

I could NOT put this book down. Holy Moly!!

The chemistry and tension between Jason and Brandi is tangible.

Brandi is kidnapped and told to run for her life. Running away from the wolves seems like a brilliant idea! Until another wolf shows up and kills the wolves after her. It’s all a downward spiral until she learns that Jason doesn’t mean to hurt her. That he will protect her from everything that goes bump in the night. Or until the bad guys are found. Only little by little, she is growing fonder of him, falling for him, turning towards him. Oh yeah!! Come to daddy and she does.

She is everything he needs and wants. Oh man. She’s going to be the death of him. Yet, she is adult enough to take everything in stride. She takes the knowledge of werewolves in stride. Will she take the news of being his mate in stride? And what about the men after her? Will they ever find them?

Even though he’d just met her, she was his mate now, and a mate trumped loyalty over a wolf’s pack—every single time.

I’ve read numerous books by Laurann Dohner. This is another fav of mine. I’m anxious to read the rest in this series.

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