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Single Dad Billionaire by BB Hamel

Me, a f**king Baby Daddy? Hell no. I’m a bachelor and a boss.
But then I find an abandoned baby at my door.
I’ll step up and be a man, the father this little girl needs.
So I offer Everly a deal. While I’m at work, she’ll play mommy for cash.
It’s simple… right up ‘til she’s on all fours, begging for a baby of her own.

I need a fake wife, and fast.

If my top client finds out I have an illegitimate kid, he’ll walk. And I hate losing.

So I’ll give Everly anything to marry me until I lock down this deal.

I know she can handle it. Actually, I want to see exactly how much she can take.

But I can’t get distracted. It’s all fake. She’ll take care of the baby while I dominate this negotiation.

Except I’d rather dominate her. Every time I’m around Everly, I can’t stop staring at those thick hips and f**kable lips.

Now my client’s son wants a piece of the action. He thinks he can take me on. He says he can prove Everly isn’t my baby’s mother. He wants to destroy everything.

But that sh*t won’t stand.

A man needs a wife to help raise his children. And I need Everly to satisfy my darkest, dirtiest desires.

She thinks it’s just business. But I’ll take care of this a**hole first. And then I’ll keep her spent and happy for real.

Single Dad Billionaire is a hot single father romance with steamy scenes and bad language. It’s only recommended for readers 18+.

Single Dad Billionaire is a STANDALONE, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA. Includes bonus content!


Feet Under Books!

3 stars

A marriage of convenience…maybe.

Billionaire, Logan Ray finds himself in a situation he isn’t used too. A baby and a note, claiming the baby is his, is left at his door. This is not going to look well for his image and the new homeless shelter he wants to open up. Thankfully, Everly is there to pitch in. She doesn’t miss a beat, not even when he asks her to step in and marry him for his image of course. Not because he secretly wants her. Not because he secretly covets her. Not because he secretly wants to screw her brains out. OH no, he needs a mom for his new baby. Everything could fall apart if Logan’s business partner found out it was all a lie. Goodbye homeless shelter, goodbye community center, goodbye Everly.

Everly agrees to quickly to the terms. Yes, she’ll be his wife, yes, she’ll be the baby momma, yes, yes, yes. Secrets of her past bubble up, she needs to rely on Logan to help her. And he does. He’s there to protect her and keep her out of harm’s way. Yet, he can’t anticipate everything. Everly is falling hard for him, when he kisses her, she can’t help but feel heady for it all. She wants more. Does he?

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This is a quick read. It was enjoyable. But I wanted to know what happened to the real baby momma? She was mentioned and then nothing more. I thought for sure she’d be drug back into the story. I wanted to know why she left the baby! WHY???? It didn’t take away from the story.

I’m moving onto the next story in the series – Coach Daddy.  I must have some sort of Daddy weakness thing this week.  Don’t judge me!


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