Book Review…Coach Daddy

42801302._SY475_Coach Daddy by BB Hamel


Coach Daddy always gets to score.
Cole Wood is untouchable.
He’s the head coach of a new NFL team, and everyone respects him.
It’s easy to see why: he’s intense, handsome, and brilliant.
I’m just a young physical trainer working my first job.
I never expected him to call me into his office.
He needs me to massage an old injury on his thigh.
When his pants come off, I can’t help myself.
Except the massages turn into much more.
Secretly seeing the Coach is driving me wild.
He’s twice my age, but with age comes some serious experience.
He’s taking me all the way.
Late nights in the locker room.

Early mornings in his office.
If we get caught, it’ll jeopardize both of our careers.
But I can’t help letting his experienced hands roam my skin.
He’s my Daddy Coach, and he knows how to score.

Coach Daddy is an ultra hot sports Daddy Dom romance featuring an older man and a younger woman. It has super steamy scenes and some bad language. It’s only recommended for readers 18+. If you love spanking, hot alpha sports, and dirty dominant men, you’ll love this book!

Coach Daddy is a safe standalone novella with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy!!

Feet Under Books!

3 Stars

Continuing my path down the rabbit hole for Daddy Dom books.  I grabbed this after I read BB Hamel’s other book – Single Dad Billionaire.  See yesterday for that novella review.  After this book, I might be taking a break from the Daddy books and moving onto something else.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, who doesn’t like a little swat to the ass occasionally?  I’m just in the mood for something different.    This book is also free on Kindle Unlimited.

Coaching a big NFL team has its perks. Screwing a coworker isn’t one of them if you get caught. Cole noticed Leah right away. Not only pretty but smart enough to know that if a player is hurt, he needs to rest. Yet, when Cole puts the moves on her, he isn’t sure she’d reciprocate the feelings. Little does he know, she feels the same way about her Daddy. Things heat up in the training room after the players leave. Cole can’t help but think, is he doing the right thing? Or is he being selfish?
Untitled design

Leah landed her dream job and now had a Daddy too. Win-win! Only when Cole pulls away from her because he makes a decision instead of talking to her, does she think it might be a mistake? What’s a girl to do without her Daddy to keep her in line?
Another short and sweet story by BB Hamel. May-December romance for sure. Leah is a fresh-faced 20 something woman and Cole is a middle-aged man, looking for some fun. It was a good story.

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