Book Review…Loved by Her Yeti

41G-BG3pZ7LLoved by Her Yeti by Shaw Hart

Penelope Woods has just lost her father. It had been only the two of them her whole life, and they had been closer than most. Now that’s he’s gone, she feels more alone than ever before and heads back home to figure out what to do next. It’s there, cleaning out his room, that she finds his yeti research and figures out what to do with her life next.

Her father and her have been fascinated by yetis for years. When she was a little girl, her father had grown tired of reading her bedtime stories about princesses and princes and had started making up his own tales. Their favorites had been about the yeti, and they had agreed to spend a year looking for one.

Now that he’s gone, she decides to still take the trip in his honor. She’s hoping that she’ll be able to grieve his passing and maybe even find herself again.

She packs her bags and heads out into the snow. She’s just not prepared for what she finds.

*Warning: This book alpha is growly and head over heels in love with his feisty girl. Are you looking for a short, sweet, instalove story? Then hit that button cause this book is for you!


Feet Under Books!

5 stars of Insta-Love

I love when books randomly show up on my Kindle.  It’s like Christmas day for me when I turn my Kindle on.  I love it.  This book did NOT disappoint.  It was everything Shaw Hart promised it would be

Insta-Love – CHECK

Alpha – CHECK

Fiesty Girl – CHECK

Penelope found her dad’s stash of Yeti adventure kit.  I’m not talking about a Yeti cup, I’m talking about an actual YETI!  Sasquatch!  Big Foot!  The man, the myth, the legend of the woods.  In her farewell to her father, she decided to go hunting for her Yeti.   Only to find Atticus Brooks.  A rare beast of a man, who becomes her everything.

Untitled design (1)

Atticus is not prepared for Penelope or her love.  He’s been alone for the past 5 years.   Yet there is something about this woman that drives him in a lust-filled frenzy.  She isn’t shy around him.   She touches him, she looks at him, she talks to him.  She cuddles with him in bed!  Yep, he’s going to keep Pen forever, if she’ll agree to be his.

This is a quick book.  Great for a lunchtime quickie, a little pick me up to speed you through the rest of the day!  I loved Pen and Atti, they fit well together.  I love how she trusted him and accepted him for who he was and vice versa!!


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