Book Review…Academic Integrity

50272374. sy475 She was only supposed to be a summer fling, so why is the woman I thought I’d never see again barging into my classroom?

Meghan’s been telling lies but she wants a second chance.

I’ll give it to her but first she needs to learn a lesson. One I’m more than happy to teach her.

So what if I’m risking my academic integrity.

She’s worth it. Especially when she’s on her knees calling me daddy.

Dear Reader: Class is in session!
Julian is a sexy-as-sin professor ready to teach you a lesson.
Make sure you’re on time because he doesn’t like tardiness.
And you better take notes because there definitely will be a quiz.
Love, AJ + Rebecca


Feet Under Books!

4 Stars

I wasn’t expecting that level of hotness. It sure did pack a punch.

Meg’s met Dr. Armstrong in merry ole England when she was doing research on Ophelia. They had a whirlwind few weeks together before she headed home to Danville Uni. Unaware that there was a surprise waiting for her. He followed her to Danville. Her daddy came to America for her. Now here she was, his TA for the semester and trying to navigate being his little one without being caught. This can’t end well, can it?

Ah, his little one. Julian would follow her anywhere. ANYWHERE! Yet, here she is in his lecture hall stating she’s his new TA when he specifically requested NOT to have one. They’d just have to change this. Only things don’t go as planned. His advisor, Stephanie won’t take NO for an answer and keeps pushing. Things heat up between Megs and himself. Coldwater douses their flame for a while when Julian he stumbles in their relationship. Is this a relationship? Can he fix this?

Untitled design

This is a quick read. Not a lunchtime quickie, unless you are a speed reader. Still a quick, imaginative story that will hold your interest. This is a May/December romance. Filled with lots of Yes, Daddy.



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