Book Review…Found by Frost

50908669._SY475_His soul match has powers beyond comprehension…and she needs his body to awaken them.

Boreas, now Brett, is one of the most powerful warriors of the fae world, and not worried at all about his undercover mission to assist humanity in fighting off rogue chaos princes. Until he meets Avery Williams, and feels a bond that entwines his very fate with hers.

He’d die for her, fight with his giant wand for her, and show her his true form, if only she would stop calling him crazy and let him awaken the hidden passion inside her heart.

Avery pretends to lead a normal life, while secretly helping the world with powers she doesn’t understand and never asked for. But the odd, impossibly gorgeous man downstairs is ruining everything, calling to her heart and body as never before.

When darkness comes for Avery, Brett is there, giving her a glimpse into a world she never imagined. A world of danger and magic and wonder. A world where she might not survive if she doesn’t awaken her powers, and learn about the powerful bonds that can either make her and Brett stronger or tear them both apart.

***A thrilling, sexy new fantasy romance filled with humor, warmth, adventure and a refreshing new world of passion and magic.

No cliffhanger. No cheating. Just safe, sexy romance with a very happy ending.

Feet Under Books!

3.5 Stars

The 4 fae princes have come to the Earth realm to keep the beacon safe.  Little do they know she can kick ass and take names on her own.  Never the less, she will need help with the chaos prince who is searching for her.

Brett feels a pull towards her.  A pull so great, that she must be his bonded.  Only she doesn’t realize it yet and this is throwing him off his game.  How could she not want him?  Doesn’t she feel her magic calling to his magic?  Why is she so indifferent to him?  Avery is giving him a blow to his ego, that he is NOT used too.  All fae princesses want him and try to lure him into bonding with them.  But not his Avery, she seems put off by him.  It doesn’t matter when her magic appears she will feel the pull.  Can he lust after her and keep her safe at the same time?

There is something different about these four large men who invited her to pizza.  It isn’t long before Brett is following her into the night.  She’s not happy, but when she explains everything in baby terms, he agrees with her and then adds that he’ll tag along.  As they work together, Avery feels her heart opening up to him.  Feels a pull to him.  When they kiss, she feels her body shift and the draw to Brett becomes like a drug.  What happens if her magic comes out and isn’t what he wants or desires?  What happens if he rejects her because of who she is?  Then what?  Can she live without Brett?

Untitled design

This is a good story.  I would say Avery is the Alpha of their relationship.  While he’s an Omega.  Yes, I get that he sat back and let her come to her own conclusion and own decisions – I liked that.  I just didn’t feel like he was her equal.

Tanner, with his broodiness is my favorite and I can’t wait to read his book.  I’m looking forward to them all, but his especially!


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