Books in the time of Quarantine…


I’ve been pretty quiet lately.  Things have gone bizarre around here.  During the day I work and try to keep my mind on other things.  My anxiety is up and I’ve been walking a lot.  I don’t have a dog to walk, so I just go for an afternoon and evening walk around my quiet neighborhood.  Things I have done; is clean a lot, finished a quilt top, taken 2 classes online and working.  Thankfully in my line of work I can work anytime and anywhere.

This is all new for everyone.  Travel restrictions, crowd avoidance – no bigger than 10 people.  YIKES.  I’m not a huge people person, yet I miss being around people.  I call and text everyone to check on them.   I avoid people like the plague…I want this to be over ASAP.

What books are you reading to pass the time?

Are you writing?  what are you writing?

With that being said.  I have a stash of books to read and more organizing to do.  I’m going to offer up some books for the neighborhood kids and parents.   Lord knows I have tons.  Please stay safe and sane.  Read books, text each other, and wash your damn hands.  This too shall pass.


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