Week 7

Week 7 – It doesn’t seem as bad as week 2 or 3 when I really struggled with NOT seeing my family.  My dad is tech-savvy, my mom not so much.  She still uses a flip phone 🙂  But I still love her.  We Skype once a week, so they can see I’m still okay.  I don’t live that far away, only 20 minutes at the most.  I do drive by their house when I go for a grocery run.   I beep and wave and drive really slow.

My grandma turns 86 tomorrow!  She is taking this the hardest.  We missed Easter celebration and we’ll miss her birthday.  However, I’m baking cupcakes and taking them over to her home tomorrow.  I’ll sing thru her window and leave it all outside for her nurse to pick up.  So far her home is doing good.  None of the nurses or staff leave the facility, so less of a chance to bring germs in.  I miss the old bat.

Mentally, I struggle.  I miss people.  I miss my routine.  I miss my life.  I do understand the sacrifice and am glad I can Skype with my therapist.  I make sure to walk in the evening to get out of the house and stretch my legs.  Also eating well helps too.  So those small donuts I had this morning – NOT a great option.

In between working, I’m watching The Great British Baking Show.  I’m learning a lot of things.  Really I’m just trying to focus on the good.  we are bending the curve, fewer people are dying, my hands are sparkling clean, I’m reading more of TBR, I’m glad everyone is okay, and frankly there is light at the end of the tunnel, it’s just going to be a while before we get there.  But we can do it!!


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Stay safe my friends!

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