Book Review…Hurricane Hearts


She walked away from me five years ago.
She ran and took my heart with her.
Now I want it back, and hers too.
She can tell me no.
She can try to hide.
She can take her time.
But I’m a man on my knees.
Birdie Beaumont will be mine again.

My first lie had been to save us.
My second lie had been to save him.
My third lie broke me.
I still love him just as much as I did when I left him.
But I can’t have him.
Not after what I did.
Not after keeping it from him all this time.
Winter Morrison will never forgive me for what I did.

Feet Under Books!

This book was on my kindle for a while and I’m not sure why I never read it. I’m glad I did. I breezed right through this one too.

Birdie and Winter sitting in a tree,
First comes loves,
then comes Marriage
then comes……

Birdie and Winter have a past. A 10-year relationship that still haunts them both. Winter doesn’t know why Birdie just left. Birdie doesn’t understand why Winter can’t just accept that they are no longer together. Birdie and Winter are like magnets, always pulling towards each other. Winter decided awhile ago that she was it for him. Then the war came and when he came back, he struggled to be what Birdie needed and deserved. War takes time to accept. She didn’t make it easy on him and when she left, she took his heart with her.

Birdie felt terrible, lived with guilt for all these years. Fearing that Winter would leave her again when she told him the terrible truth of what she’d done. Tragedy strikes Winter. Birdie is by his side, helping him any way she can. Yet, she can’t stop herself and tells him why she left all those years ago. Can she repair the damage she’s done? Or was he lying when he said, he’d never leave her again?

Untitled design

Ok, while I loved their story, I was over Birdie and her BS from the beginning. She tried to trick him into a situation that he would have gladly accepted. Maybe not right at that time. I get the thrill of the chase, but Birdie constantly put a barrier between them, because she’s insecure.

Winter is a true Alpha male. He takes what he wants and makes sure she is okay too. I will admit I was surprised how he responded when she divulged her secret, but then again, there was a lot of stuff for him to process at that time. He carried the story for me. I really enjoyed reading through him.

All in all a good story with a HEA. Isn’t that we are all looking for?


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