Book Review…His Human Nanny

My indentured servitude is almost over and freedom is a heartbeat away!

Until some alien guy buys me because he needs a nanny, quick. What the actual f@ck? I’m not even good with kids. I’ve never changed a diaper in my life. But the beings at the 

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employment agency won’t listen. “Hew-mans are hot right now. Everyone wants a hew-man nanny.” Great. And since there isn’t another human available… I’m hired on the spot.

Yay, me.

And on day one of my new job I’m having a panic attack because I finally meet my new boss and he looks like Satan himself. No lie. Black horns, red eyes and glinting silver-tippe

d claws. He even has a barbed tail, a forked tongue, and he breathes fire. This guy is terrifying, and his children look exactly like him.
*heart palpitations* *hyperventilating*

And yet, as I’m caring for these strangely adorable infants and gazing longingly at my crazy-rich boss as he cradles his twin babies in his huge, muscular arms… my traitorous heart goes pitter-patter and my body heats up like lava.

Oh no.

And I begin to wonder — have I sold my soul to the devil?

Feet Under Books!

3 stars

Done. Her servitude is OVER! Five long years of working for the agency, she has enough money saved that her friend Chloe and she can move to Omega-9. But then another job pops up, a nanny position – this will pad her pockets with more money, and then she can be done. It’s just one more year of her life. Right? This is a new planet for her and new aliens. She is unprepared for the devil who awaits her at the portal. Then she finds out that she is the nanny of 2 offspring and that the mom just dumped them on the dad, Aegir. What is she going to do with them? With Aegir? And the mom?

Aegir is pleased with his choice in nannies. She is kind, capable, and beautiful. The twins love her and she has adapted well. If only the circumstance was different. He’d be free for her. To bond with her and make her his mate. The sexual tension between them grows. Would she agree to be his? Forever? Raising offspring with him?

This is a quick read. I liked the simplicity of the story, yet I wanted more. There was a lot of sexual tension between them.


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