Book Review…R.I.P.

49252665._SY475_R.I.P. Part One: Rest In Peace

~ Malakai ~

On the outside, we look normal, like an all-American Christian family, but behind the walls of this church basement, we are far from it.

My mother says it’s her calling, my father says it’s our blessing, and my sister says it’s fun. I say we’re fucked.

I dont know if what we’re doing is really what God wants us to do, I just know that the more we do it, the more natural it feels.


What we’re doing and the reason behind it is far from natural.

In my family, love blends with hate, duty with torment, and blood with water.

We are the Courtenay family and this is the story about how it all went wrong.

R.I.P. Part Two: Rot In Pieces

~ Adriel ~

Her actions shattered my family, leaving it half alive.
And I hate her for it.

My brother is broken. His torment suffocates him as he claws his way through the aftermath of her decisions. Despite it all, he remains by my side.

The life we knew has been gutted, rotting into a million pieces. We have no home, nowhere to go, but I don’t care because we still have each other. He’s the only one that can see beneath my flesh to touch me in my darkest places.

Our choices have taken us on a new path. A shimmering sea of blood trails behind us on our search for purpose and reason.

No matter what happens, I refuse to let anything or anyone keep us apart.

I’ll burn the world to ash before I’ll let him go.

*Trigger Warning: This book contains many triggers. If you are not comfortable reading about taboo subject matter, gore, explicit/graphic situations and disturbing content, this book may not be for you.


Feet Under Books!

3 stars

*Trigger Warning: This book contains many triggers. If you are not comfortable reading about the taboo subject matter, gore, explicit/graphic situations, and disturbing content, this book may not be for you.

This is a tale of family, love, and death.

Azalea has the ability to talk to the dead. She uses that gift to thin the herd of the deplorable, with the help of her pastor husband and two children. Luckily for her, she runs a mortuary. No fuss, no muss. Just cleaning up a big mess that plagues the Earth. Only her marriage is less than perfect. Azalea fights with her demons daily. She recognizes herself in her daughter and loves her son very much.

Malakai and Adriel are weird kids. The kids in school bully them. So they cling to each other. When their life takes a 180, they can’t stay where they are. They need to find the family they didn’t know. They leave a trail of destruction and mayhem in their wake. Will their new family embrace their life? Or will this family turn their backs on them and turn them in?

Untitled design

I’m not sure where to start with this book. It’s obviously taboo and has a lot of triggers. For me, the book went downhill with Azalea and Kia. Then it was a slippery slope of more cringiness. Yet, I couldn’t put the book down, because I needed to see how the story ended. It didn’t end the way I hoped and prayed for. It just escalated and the creep factor flew off the charts.

Yes, I did see the warning beforehand, and honestly, I’m okay with a lot of things. This book just jumped the shark so many times for me.

Proceed with caution.


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