Getting to know your character…

I know it’s been awhile. I apologize. I kind of got in a funk with everything going on around me. I’m trying to crawl out of that hole now and get back to reality. Stay safe.

Now let’s meet your fictional character. There should be things you already know about them, like name and physical description. But what about the rest? You and your character need to sit down and you need to interview them.

Here is a list of questions that might help you flush out your character’s personality. Not all questions will pertain to your character. You have to think about your story/plot and figure out what information is needed. Don’t add things that don’t add to the story.

  1. Family dynamics?
  2. Age?
  3. Married? Divorce? Single?
  4. Job?
  5. Where do they live and with whom?
  6. Habits? Quirks?
  7. Special background? Like military or special ops.
  8. Optimist? Pessimist?
  9. Views on Politics?
  10. Views on Sex?
  11. Views on Marriage?
  12. Views on Religion?
  13. Treatment of other people?
  14. Have they had their heart broken?
  15. Leader? Follower?
  16. Hobbies?
  17. What makes them laugh? Cry? Angry?
  18. Spontaneous? Or a planner?
  19. Pet Peeves?
  20. Describe their personality.
  21. Goals?
  22. Friends?
  23. Prejudices?
  24. Biggest Secret?
  25. Criminal record?

I’m sure there are other questions you can ask. This will at least get your started. It’s important to have a starting point. From there you can branch out and they can fill you in on the rest of the details. Because I’m sure they will have a lot to say as your write the story.

Good Luck!

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