Quarantining and Mental Health

Hello. Long time no book reviews. I can honestly say this is the toughest year of my life. A lot of things have happened that I’m learning how to weather on my own. It’s been hard, but I’m trying to look at everything as an adventure and a new chapter in my life.

In March I started working from home full time, like a majority of people to help quell the spread of the virus. I will say, my reading time has tanked. I hardly read at all. I’m in a funk. Mentally I haven’t been ok for months. Being separated from family and friends has been hard. Like it has for many, many people. I try to think about all the good times we’ll have next year. But there are days that beat me down and I can’t think that far ahead. It makes me sad. I push through with a phone call or a walk. In November, my 86 year old Grandma contracted Covid-19. She is pretty healthy and active. For 2 -3 weeks she had a terrible cough. I couldn’t see her or talk to her, because all she did was sleep. Which is for the best. Then Thanksgiving came and we couldn’t be together again, due to Covid numbers. We were told NOT to be around people who didn’t live in our home. So a lonely Thanksgiving later of me and the cats ensued. Just an FYI – the cats LOVED their giblets and turkey neck dinner. So that’s a plus, that I can still care for them like I need too. I’m looking ahead to Christmas – I LOVE Christmas, my grandma and Pappy(who passed YEARS ago) made sure to make Christmas a magical time. I managed to get a tree, decorate the tree and my house. That raised my spirits GREATLY!!! I bought gifts for family and friends, arranged for delivery closer to Christmas. However, with that being said, I’m skipping Christmas cards this year.

Mental health and self care are very important. What do you do for self care? I used to get pedicures. Now I do my own. Friday night, pizza, movie, and a good foot soaking! I’m also journaling more and trying to drink water, sleep my 8 hours. It’s hard sometimes because I get into my own head. When that happens I stop what I’m doing, take a deep breathe, maybe go for a walk or redirect my thinking to something positive. Like all the Christmas lights. Or the snow that is quietly falling today. Life will never be the same. I will never take my family for granted again. Or spending holidays with them or talking to them on the phone.

My intentions for 2021 – Drink my water, exercise, read more! Live more! Mark things off my bucket list!! Life is short and I’m not getting any younger. It’s time to live my life! Safely of course.

Please take care of yourself and if you need to talk, my door is always open. Sometimes it’s hard to reach out and ask for help. Once you take the first step, the rest is easy. I am thankful for my friends who have listened to me cry and whine. I truly appreciate you.

As always stay safe and if you have any book recommendations to get me back on track, please let me know!!

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