The Top 5 ways to organize your bookshelf!

If your bookshelf is anything like mine, it’s a hodge-podge of books all crammed together with NO rhyme or reason. I’m good like that. Read the book, stow it away!! The problem with that is, when someone asks if I have a book and I go to look, I can’t find it. Because my bookshelf is a wreck. So in anticipation of Santa bringing me some new books for Christmas, I thought I should organize my books.

#1 – by Author

You have a bunch of books by one author. Tidy them up by the author! Seems simple right. I have a bunch of books by Carian Cole, Willow Winters, and others. By grouping them together like that, it’s easy to find those books on my shelf! Or if you can store the books by author last name, like a library! Mind blowing. Maybe I should set up a dewy decimal system too!! Along with my own personal library cards – Garnet Library. One book at a time.

#2 – by Series

The collection of Harry Potter, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Anita Blake, Twilight all need to go together! Mine are all over the place. In trying to organize my books, I found all the books in my collections and laid them out. I don’t have every book in a hard back, I do have some in paper back and that bothers me. I will replace as the years go. I just have a hard time finding some of them, due to their age. However with everyone cleaning out their houses during Quarantine, I’m able to pick up a few on Marketplace! Go me!!

#3 – Alphabetical Order

By Title. This isn’t my preferred way. But it’s a option you have!

#4 – Group books together by unread/read

Put all your unread books together at eye level, so you know what you need to read next. That way they will catch your eye and you can grab your next book to read!! That’s a win win in my book!!! The books you’ve already read, can be placed below eye level, unless you loved it. Then put it up higher on the book shelf to possibly read again.

#5 – Arrange by color

I’m not 100% sure how this is going be an optimum for books. Unless someone says to you, hey, do you have this book with a yellow cover. Aesthetically it will look amazing! Usefull? Not so much and that might cause a problem. You’d better memorize the colors of your books, so you can find them!!

Good luck with which ever method you select! I think I’m going to go with the first method of arrange by Author. That way I keep all my books together. Hopefully it will be easier to find which books I have in case my friends need a book to read.

As always, stay safe and keep reading. I’m still in a reading funk. *SIGH* I did upload a few books to my kindle hoping to light a spark! I miss reading and escaping into a good story. Fingers crossed that one of these books sparks something within me!! Let me know what option you decide and what books you are reading. I’m always interested in what everyone is reading.

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