2020 – how will it be remembered?

2020 came in with a large cloud looming over it. It didn’t have a chance to even be ok, it went right to shit. No one was expecting 2020 to end up the way it was. Covid-19 hit the USA and things went down hill. People died, people got sick, there was lots of blaming and arguing about what to do and what NOT to do. I remember the press saying the corona virus could live on cardboard boxes. So all of my Amazon packages stayed outside until I could spray them down with Lysol and safely bring them into the house. I followed. Masks. I followed. Social distancing? I followed.

We not only had the virus we had other events taking place too. Riots, protests, Kobe died, Stock market crashed, murder hornets – did they ever arrive here? And many more things.

For the month of March, I worked at the office until 3/16/20. I’ve been at home working now for a year. I always wanted to work from home, now – yeah, I miss the city. Moral of the story? Be careful of what you wish for. Mentally I struggled. My therapist earned her money for 2020. We upped my meds and talked 2x a week because I missed my family and friends. Being isolated took a HUGE toll on me. I get nervous now being around too many people, anxiety takes over and I panic. So unlike me. But, it’s my new normal now – for now. I plan on getting out there and enjoying time with people, eventually.

So my question is, as an author how will you write and help future generations understand 2020 and the impact the media, the president, the people, and the virus had on everyone and everything.

How did it affect your life?

Your family?

Your mental health?

Your job?


What did you learn this year?

Did you pick up a new hobby?

What brought you joy?

What brought you heartache?

Are you a better person?

So, how you will you write about 2020? Will you paint it as doom and gloom? Or hope and understanding? Apocalypse? The second coming? What do you want your message for 2020 to be?

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