Audio Tour…The Silent BlueBird

Author: Elle M. Holmes
Narrator: Linnea Hubbard
Length: 7 hours 29 minutes
Publisher: Apr. 29, 2021⎮20
Genre: Fantasy
Release date: Elle M. Holmes
Synopsis: The stories we read have the power to change our lives.
Sadie Smith lives an ordinary life, unlike the extraordinary ones of the characters in the books where she finds an escape.
Until one story changes it all: The story of the impetuous Killian Quinn: an agent for the Zeta Defense Agency, determined to avenge his fallen partner. As she follows him further down the rabbit hole, worlds collide when she awakens with her hands tied to a chair in the face of armed men. Sadie finds herself dropped in the middle of a battle between secret agencies she didn’t even know existed, but maybe where she’s belonged all along.
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About the Author: Elle M. Holmes

Elle M. Holmes was born in Florida, and has been writing both professionally and recreationally for years before publishing her debut novel The Silent Bluebird. When she’s not writing she has her nose buried in a book, taking in the sun at the beach, or finds herself stalking dog adoption sites. Oftentimes all three concurrently. She and her husband foster dogs whenever they can. 

You can find her on Twitter and Instagram if you enjoy silly observations and bookish things.


About the Narrator: Linnea Hubbard

Linnea Hubbard is a voice actor based in Southern Indiana. She has a BFA in Theatre from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, with a special focus on voice and dialects, and has performed in over 100 projects including audiobooks, video games, plays, films, and commercials. Linnea was born in North Carolina and divided her youth between Raleigh and Los Alamos, New Mexico before spending much of her adult life in Seattle. A relatively recent transplant to the midwest, Linnea spends her free time enjoying the outdoors, studying public health, and fixing up her little mid-century modern house. She has two young kids and too many cats.


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